Keeping track of rent should be easy. When rent goes unpaid, getting on top of it quickly is necessary to avoid rent going in to arrears.

Fast action and clear communication with your tenants is a must in these situations, and if you're a Grove user we have some specific features to help you.

Grove will notify the landlord

If a rent payment is late or hasn't come through yet, we let you know straight away by sending you a notification. Getting instant reminders is one of the best ways to stay ahead of arrears, and avoid a week or two's rent from slipping through the cracks.

We also send you an email to tell you that rent is overdue. This email will include important details, such as:

• The property address

• The amount of rent owed

• The date the unpaid rent was due

You can forward this email directly to your tenant and we'll also send them an urgent email.

Grove will notify the tenant

You aren't the only one who receives a notification when rent is unpaid. We also send one to your tenant, along with an urgent email telling them that rent is in arrears and needs to be paid immediately.

In the email to your tenant, we make clear the:

• Rent amount overdue

• Date this was due

• New date this outstanding amount needs to be paid by.

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