Nearing an end to your trial with us? Here's what you can expect next.

Your trial will be for around three months from the day you get your first rent payment through Grove. One of our team will be in touch with you at least a month before your trial is due to end to support you through the next steps.

A few follow-up questions

We'll send you an email with a few follow-up questions asking you for your thoughts on Grove. These will take 2 minutes to answer and you'll also get the opportunity to tell us how you think we can make your life as a landlord even easier!

Choosing your plan

If you loved Grove and want to continue getting all the benefits of automated rent collection, we will chat to you about options for subscribing. Pricing is not yet set as we are in the testing phase, but we will be very clear on what you can expect. We will let you know well in advance when we decide to set pricing for the app, and it will be based on feedback from test users like yourself.

If you're not so sure about signing up to a plan with us yet, no problem.

Just let us know and we'll send simple instructions on how you can opt-out.

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