Our mission at Grove is to enhance the renting experience, for both property owners and tenants. If you need some help getting your tenants on board with Grove, we go over some tips on how to get them started.

It's easiest if you begin using Grove from the start of your tenancy, but you can also switch to using Grove with existing tenancies. We have a step by step guide on how to do this that you can send to your tenants. They can also live chat with us through the website during business hours if they need any guidance.

So what's in it for tenants?

Get reminders when your rent is overdue

If your rent payment didn't go through, it can sometimes take a while to notice. Grove will let you know with a friendly email if you've missed a rent payment, then you can get on to fixing it straight away.

Automated rent receipts

Keeping track of how much rent you have paid can get confusing. If you change payment days or frequencies, you might be left wondering if you've overpaid or underpaid rent. With automated receipts sent straight to your inbox you'll know exactly what you've paid, and when you paid it.

Easy communication

No awkward emails - if rent is overdue, we take care of it. Communication between landlords and tenants can sometimes be a challenge, we make sure you're both notified of rent arrears at the same time so that everyone is on the same page.

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