Free rent tracking is great, but how much will I pay to use Grove when my trial ends?

Our plan is to have different subscription prices based on the number of properties you are tracking rent for, and for these to be paid monthly.

All of our subscriptions will give you access to Grove's rent tracking tools which include:

• Instant notifications on your phone when rent has or hasn't been paid

• Digital receipts to tenants via email

• On-demand rental reports

Throughout your trial period, you won't pay a cent. We will get in touch with you at least a month before the three month trial period is ending, and give you plenty of notice around what the pricing will be so that you can decide if you want to continue using automated rent tracking.

During our testing phase with our trail-blazing first customers we will be asking you for feedback. We'll ask for your thoughts on our pricing structure, and the value you are seeing using automated rent tracking.

Pricing Example 1: Starter

Perfect for self-managed property owners with one property

How much?

We estimate this will be about the cost of a Netflix subscription per month, it could be around $12, based on feedback from current users.

What do I get?

• Track rent for 1 property

• Instant payouts

• Itemised rent book

• Payment receipts

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